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Kasia and Walek Bukowski, the owners of Harvest Motel, are both originally from Poland. Walek was born in southern Poland near Nowy Targ and Kasia was born north of Gdansk, Poland.

Kasia came to the U.S. in 1978 and Walek in 1981. After meeting, falling in love, and getting married, they both craved a quieter place to call home so they moved from Chicago to Yuma, Colorado in 1997.

They were passionate about having their own business and decided to buy the Harvest Motel – the best hotel in Yuma Colorado. Their wish is to have each visitor feel like they are staying at a house in the country.

Kasia, Walek and their family began remodeling and decorating (which is an ongoing project) to make it comfy and cozy, with their love of the Lord shining through.

They wanted it to be a home-away-from-home, providing folks a chance to escape from their busy lives, urging them to stop and smell the roses.

Kasia and Walek truly care about the people who stay at Harvest Motel. They treat them like family and want them to feel at home while they are visiting.

They feel it’s important to give back to the world and pay it forward every day. According to Kasia, “A positive attitude is everything, and if you treat people with a kind heart, it encourages them to feel calm and relaxed.”

Kasia and Walek take pride in knowing their customers by name and giving them a hug when they come back for a return visit. 

We Are:

  • Pet-Friendly
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Hunter-Friendly
  • Grandma and Grandpa-Friendly
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Security Cameras/Watchful Eye 24/7

Contact Info:

Harvest Motel

421 West 8th Avenue

Yuma, Colorado 80759

Phone – (970) 848-5853

Cell – (720) 633-0816

Email – kasia9669@yahoo.com

Free Breakfast Every Morning!

Nice staff, clean rooms and linens. The out side looks a nice Mom and Pop place during the day but at night the leds come on and give the place a fun look to it. The front desk area has a fun eclectic look that show the owners really like what they do. Erik Stillman

Very nice place .staff is very nice and they are pet-friendly, even large dogs are welcome. Stacy Yellico

I can honestly and gladly say, I had a great stay. It’s a very nice well kept, clean, friendly and modern hotel. The hot tub, well, I’ve been from Hot Sulfer Springs, to Denver, to Oklahoma, to Wyoming in the past few months, hot tubbing and sitting in hot springs. The tub at the Harvest Motel in Yuma, was roomy and clean and the hottest, most relaxing temp of them all. When you can sit outside, on a cold day or night and soak in a hot tub, hot springs or warm pool, do it. Just do it. It’s invigorating and after the chill subsides after getting out of the water, your body should feel the best you’ve felt, light and pain free in a while if not longer. Do it, and when you do, let me know how it was and where. I just may have to pop in and sit in it for a day as well. Ya just never know where I’ll end up next!! Anna Bayles

I love this place. It’s clean and beautifully decorated. Home away from home! Very peaceful and relaxing. I feel like I ended up there for a reason. My number one best choice for motels. The owner is a wonderful person. She has taught me so much and doesn’t know it. Jenny Fisher

Very nice place and is biker friendly. Feels like your at home. Very clean. Nice calm location where you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. Would go back there again and already planning for next year. Roger Streets DeAnda

Get in Touch

Thank you so very much for being part of our Family at the Harvest Motel. I would like to say THANK YOU once again for the business in the past and hope we can be there in the future.


Kasia & Walek, Owners

P.S. Just wanted you to know we have remodeled, so stop in and take a look. Check back here for regular updates. 

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